Tuesday, November 20, 2012

300 Japanese Cherry Blossom Trees for Karangasem Regency Bali

The regency of Karangasem in Bali became a recipient of 300 Japanese “Sakura” cherry blossom trees from The Japan Sakura Exchange Association. Such cherry blossom trees will be planted in Rendang Village. It was presented to the regent of Karangasem, I Wayan Geredeg, by Mori Kazusika, chairman of The Japan Sakura Exchange Association.

In order to ensure that the cherry blossom trees will survive and thrive in Rendang Village, Japanese horticulturists made some modification to the trees to suit the soil and climatic conditions of the said place.

Coming from the genus Prunus Serrulata, commonly known as the Sakura, it will make a rich floral display of pink flowers that look more like pink clouds. Such display would last at an average of a week or more.

“The Karangasem people are grateful to receive this precious gift. I hope the relationship between Karangasem and Osaka will start on a strong footing,” said the regent.

When these trees reach their bloom, it would definitely be an added site to Bali for its tourists. Apart from the villas Bali and villas in Bali for rent, tourists may also await and see the beautiful display of pink clouds created by the cherry blossoms.

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